As you all know, today Ukraine is going through hard times - the war with the Russian invaders.

Our company is located in Zaporizhzhia, and currently we are focusing on the protection of our city.

Directions of our Current Ativities

We do our best to protect our home and families.


Two of our developers joined the territorial defence forces.

One of them guards the inner objects of the city critical infrastructure against diversionist groups and is ready to defend these objects during the possible attacks.


Another developer has experience in military engagement with the Russian invaders on Donbas, he is in charge of the military unit defending our city around the perimeter.

Most of our employees are involved in volunteer activity. In addition to personally providing financial assistance, we also spend our time after work day. Each of us brings all possible help.


We transfer money to volunteers we know. We are sure that this aid will be sent to where it is needed right now.

This is an aid to refugees evacuated to Zaporizhzhia. Our city provides shelter for thousands of people from Mariupol. These are children and civilians, we buy some basic necessities for them.

It’s also a help for the military with basic protection and food. Assistance to the local military hospital.

In the first days of the war we transferred money to the production of anti-tank hedgehogs and Molotov cocktails. To protect our city.


For example, our app team lead is involved in full time volunteering with They supply people who fled to our city from the shelling with everything required. They take care of the children who were taken out of the war zone and refugees.

They also feed with warm food our defenders who are standing at posts in our district. And buy everything required, like generators, tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, etc.


We buy armor not only for our employees. But also for the departments where they serve. We want to protect and save the lives of our colleagues, friends, neighbours, and all those who protect us and our families from the horrors of war.

Here are more details about the purchases we do with your help.


Help to Ukraine and our city

We would like to thank our clients and friends who support us, both on the information and financial fronts.

Special thanks to Jerome and his brand "Paper Republic" with whom we've been working since May, 2014. They've rolled out a fantastic campaign and have an awesome logo on their site

If our other clients and friends allow, we will publish their contributions too!

We've been sharing the donation links with our friends and clients with the help of which it is possible to help our Army and charity organizations. Now we're focused on the help to our city.


It is our home city and the place where all our team are located.
We love our city and we are trying our best to support it in every way.

This concerns not only our company but the whole population of our city. Every citizen contributes to its defence.

This is what is happening near my school now. Everyone is helping in their own way. A lot of people throw backs out after the first day of work.

Current situation

From time to time, the air raid sirens are on in our city.

Russian armed forces bombed our airport and military base, they hit a trolleybus depot, train station.
On this site you can view the positions of the Russian soldiers in real time.

Vasylivka, the town located to the South of our city, is suffering from the humanitarian disaster now.

We are actively helping our volunteers financially who are delivering whatever is required to our Soldiers and citizens on the front line, and to Vasylivka.

Our city constantly meets refugees from the South of the country who flee war zones, including Mariupol.


Your support

We have already received your financial and verbal support.
Words fail to convey my appreciation!
We have always known you are amazing, and we've just made sure once again.

What we need now

People constantly need medicine, civilian clothing, military equipage, transformers, thermal cameras, body armor, quadcopters, etc.


A portion of funds that was generously donated by you was spent on the plate carriers with mag pouches. At first we decided to buy them for our employees who are defending our city now, but then we realized thay they are highly needed by all our defenders, so we ordered more.

Help to Our City

For those who have willing to help in our initiatives directed at the volunteer activity in our city. This is aid for civilians and children evacuated from the war zones. The aid for the local army units, including those who are on the front line. As well as for those in need, you can use the following details:

email: [email protected]
phone: +380996707548

email: [email protected]

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